Hitachi DMG Utilise the Leading AV Systems Show ISE 2017 To Unveil New Technological Advances By Oliver Jarrett From the 7th - 10th February, Hitachi showcased their projector range at ISE 2017, the world's largest AV systems integration show. With almost 1,200 exhibitors filling the space and more attendees than ever before it was a hugely successful event. The exhibition began and ended with keynote addresses from Cirque du Soleil president and CEO Daniel Lamarre, and award-winning architect Ole Scheeren. ...Read More »
Six Innovative Technologies For Business at CES 2016 By Keith Loria for America's Backbone Weekly Its fun to geek out. Heres what the future holds for business gadgets and software. ...Read More »
VYV Delivers Immersive Video Projections that Entertain Live Audiences Worldwide What do Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, the Eagles, Shakira, and Cirque du Soleil have in common? All have amazed audiences with live shows incorporating dazzling, out-of-this-world video projections made possible by an elite 3D interactive video projection company based in Canada. Spectators stunned by the creativity, artistry, and impact of the projections can thank VYV and its Photon interactive media server, the most powerful real-time video control system available. Powered by high-end NVIDIA(r) Quadro(r) GPUs, Photon systems deliver the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility required for VYV's elaborate multi-projector productions. ...Read More »
Forget Using Smartphone Cams! By David Hague Lately, users have shied away from using lower priced camcorders in favor of shooting video with their smartphones and this is a bit sad in my opinion. The quality of footage from a phone can never replicate that of even the least expensive of genuine camcorders due to a number of factors, not the least being the lens. The physical design is also a factor; camcorders are built the way they are for a reason, primarily the ergonomics with everything at your fingertips. And of course, the camcorder is always the right way up, shooting proper 16:9 high definition footage (PROPER high def) in landscape mode and not portrait as smartphones do. So which are the best low cost camcorders on the market? With a budget of $500, we wondered just what you could get... ...Read More »
Samsung projecting rapid smartphone growth By DMO Affiliate Samsung has unveiled a new smartphone which allows users to display multimedia content on walls using an inbuilt projector, as the company aims to corner and even greater slice of the mobile market. ...Read More »
BenQ Joybee GP1 mini projector By John Virata Small form factor projectors have captured a lot of attention in the last year or so, probably due in part to their portability as well as the images that they output. BenQ has recently released a projector called the Joybee GP1 mini projector, that, while not pocket sized, does have a small footprint at just 5"x5"x2". ...Read More »
Epson PowerLite Pro G5200WNL By John Virata The Epson PowerLite Pro G5200WNL is a professional projector designed for large venues such as corporate boardrooms, auditoriums, and classrooms--anywhere a fully adjustable and capable projector is needed. The unit features 4200 lumens and outputs up to 1280x800, WXGA resolution. It also supports 640x480, 800x600, 1280x1024, 1400x1050, and 1600x1200. ...Read More »
First Look: CASIO XJ-S52 DLP projector By John Virata As with notebook computer manufacturers turning to super micro netbooks as a new market, portable projectors are also getting smaller in stature while still maintaining a viable viewing experience. Casio's Pro series of Super Slim projectors fit into that genre; Smaller than some other units in the same category, yet still powerful enough to output a very good quality image. ...Read More »
Mitsubishi XD211u DLP projector By John Virata One of the most dynamic markets for projectors has been that of the portable projector. During the last NAB and infoCOMM, projector manufacturers showed everything from the projector models designed to throw an image on huge 70ft screens, down to the tiny handheld portable units that are often used in viral advertising in big cities across America. ...Read More »
Samsung shows Pocket Imager at infoCOMM 2007 By John Virata While infoCOMM is the place to showcase the latest big model projectors, oftentimes it is the smaller models that generate some show buzz. How about small as in 5 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 3.7 inches deep? Samsung had one with its own special dark room for viewing. Called the Samsung Pocket Imager, and using LED technology versus a traditional lamp, the Pocket Imager was generating quite an interest at the annual show known more for its big projector shootout. ...Read More »
ViewSonic shows projector with iPod dock at infoCOMM 2007 By John Virata At infoCOMM 2007, ViewSonic showcased a new projector that converges the video capabilities of the Apple iPod with the projection capabilities of a DLP projector. Called the PJ258D, the DLP projector is unique in that it features a built in iPod dock on the top of the unit, enabling users to plug their video iPods into the projector and watch videos or pictures via the PJ258D's 1024x768 XGA resolution, 2,000 lumen projector. ...Read More »
infoCOMM: Casio debuts new Super Slim Projectors By John Virata At InfoComm 2007 in Anaheim, California, Casio, Inc. introduced new models in its SuperSlim projector line, the XJS-41 and XJS-46. Digital Media Net was able to visit with Frank Romeo, Casio's Vice President of Business and Professional Products after the company's breakfast event. ...Read More »
HP xp7030 Digital Projector By Guy Wright The HP xp7030 Digital Projector ($2,499.99) is a lightweight projector designed for the business presentation market. We had the chance to put one of these projectors through its paces and unfortunately it didnt live up to expectations. ...Read More »
HP mp3320 Portable Projector Review By Guy Wright We had the chance to try out the new HP mp3320 portable projector and run it through a few tests. What we found was a well thought out, well designed presentation tool that delivers a very good image whether youre showing PowerPoint presentations, video, or both. ...Read More »
Mitsubishi XD-460U Projector By Charlie White The Mitsubishi XD-460U ($1750) is a 1024x768 XGA projector that's marketed to the presentation crowd. It has a Texas Instruments Dark Chip 3 DLP processor inside and claims 2600 ANSI lumens. Although it couldn't be called a miniature projector, at 6.5 pounds it's certainly no heavier than an average laptop and is easily luggable. At first glance, it's an appealing package that will work well for business presenters. Let's take the projector into our test theater and see what it can do. ...Read More »
Coretronic may Open the Door to 3LCD By Steve Sechrist It was almost an aside. As part of a positive earnings statement yesterday, Coretronic's Sheng-hui Wang, president of the projector business unit, said the company is considering expanding its product offerings to include 3LCD display technology. Not that the company hasn't done well by DLP - Coretronic is now the leading OEM front-projector maker, and uses Texas Instruments DLP technology exclusively. Steve Sechrist, Insight Media Senior Analyst and Editor of Projection Monthly & Microdisplay Report, has this assessment of the situation. ...Read More »
Kayye's Krystal Ball - v.06 By Gary Kayye, CTS Welcome to my seventh annual Krystal Ball feature article about predictions for the upcoming year for Professional AV, and even some Home AV technology, trends and products. If youre a regular reader of this column, then you know that each year I actually start by reviewing my predictions from last years column ...Read More »
Mitsubishi XD205U Projector By Charlie White Mitsubishi's XD205U ($1995 list, $1100 street) is a new projector that's highly portable and packs a powerful punch. This 5.29 lb. DLP unit is scarcely bigger than a Webster's dictionary, but projects images comparable to units that are much larger and more expensive. Its small size and high quality make it a worthy companion for a small notebook computer, resulting in a great system for setting up presentations almost anywhere. Here at our Midwest Test Facility theater, we ran this little projector through our computer and video obstacle course, and liked what we saw. ...Read More »
iPod Smash Laptop! (Part 1) By Kevin Schmitt It's not exactly a huge secret that you can use a photo-enabled iPod to make presentations with. Just export out your slides as still images, sync 'em to the iPod, hook it to a TV or projector, fire up slideshow mode, and you're in business. What? You've never done that? Well, let's rectify that situation and see if we can't make you the superfly-est presenter around. ...Read More »
InFocus ScreenPlay 777 By Charlie White Here we go into the stratosphere of projectordom, with the InFocus ScreenPlay 777. Originally $30,000, this three-chip DLP projector, destined for only the most chic of screening rooms, now sells for half that price, $15,000. We put this 45-pound flying saucer-like monster under the microscope here at the Midwest Test Facility Theater, prodding it with light meters and colorimeters, and projecting a variety of source material onto different types of screens. Taking a cue from its futuristic appearance, as we gazed at its pristine images we quickly realized we were looking into the future of projector technology. ...Read More »
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