ProAV Roundup By Denise Harrison For the latest news and product views, here's a roundup of what's new in the ProAV market. In this edition of ProAV Roundup, read about digital cinema breakthroughs, flexible LCD panels, rumors about Dell in the HomeAV and ProAV market, and much more. ...Read More »
Spyder2PRO Studio: Projector Setup By Charlie White We favorably reviewed Spyder2PRO Studio ($280) previously on these pages, and now it's time to test a unique part of this package, its projector calibration capability. The Spyder is a color-sensitive instrument that you dangle in front of any LCD or CRT monitor, and it helps you precisely calibrate the color of your monitor. It then stores those parameters in a file that helps your graphics card deliver the perfect colors every time. Now you can have that same confidence with a projector. ...Read More »
Disney & Christie to Support 200 Digital Screens This Year By Nick Dager The Walt Disney Studios' distribution arm Buena Vista Pictures Distribution and Access Integrated Technologies' Christie/AIX unit have entered into a non-exclusive agreement to supply feature films from Walt Disney Pictures and Touchstone Pictures to DCI-compliant digital projection systems to be deployed by Christie/AIX. ...Read More »
Selling to the Sunday Morning CEO, Part 2 By Kevin C. Barlow, CTS Historically, evangelical assemblies have been the quickest to accept multimedia technology for enhancing the worship experience. They often view giant screens and contemporary music as the key to drawing in youth and un-churched singles and families. If you can help them get their message out in a way that speaks clearly to the masses, they will find the funds to make it happen. ...Read More »
Annual rAVe CEDIA Awards By Gary Kayye, CTS Gary Kayye is a big fan of the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) show, and attends it every year. Here are his picks for the best of the best from this year's exhibition. ...Read More »
Selling to the Sunday Morning CEO, Part 1 By Kevin C. Barlow, CTS Most veteran sales representatives in the audiovisual (AV) systems contractor industry have a decidedly set opinion when it comes to church buyers. Yet dealing with the house of worship market has a stigma that is not without cause. When was the last time you heard about or experienced a frustrating situation with a church trying to be a good steward with its available funds and ending up with a mess? You probably don't have to go back too far. ...Read More »
Industry News for the ProAV Market By Denise Harrison In this edition of AV Roundup, find out about the latest technology in the ProAV world. Top stories include infoComm news, acquisitions, whiteboard technology and much more. ...Read More »
LCD or DLP Projection? Decisions, Decisions By Gary Kayye, CTS Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines projector engines, that is. Since 1998, Texas Instruments' DLP division has out-marketed, out-maneuvered, out-published and, according to many sales figures, even out-sold LCD in virtually of the leading projector vertical market segments. I say "virtually" because there are some markets in which DLP hasn't been playing but when it does, it generally wins. ...Read More »
HP mp2210 Portable Projector By Guy Wright HP recently added the mp2210 to their 2200 series projectors and its one of their lightest and least expensive portable DLP projectors to date. ...Read More »
InFocus Announces Major Restructuring By Gary Kayye, CTS InFocus has a hot brand and even a hotter image, but this public company has struggled financially during 2005. The company posted a loss the first two quarters of 2005. In the first quarter, there was a loss of $14 million on revenues of $137 million, and in the second quarter, there was a loss of $19.6 million on revenues of $135 million. ...Read More »
ProAV News By Denise Harrison Here's the latest from the ProAV world, with news about projectors, screens, signage and more from the audio-visual market. ...Read More »
Panasonic Debuts PT-AE900 Home Theater Projector By John Virata Panasonic today introduced to the media its latest home theater projector at the Panasonic Hollywood Lab in Universal City California. The projector, the PT-AE900 is Panasonic's latest offering to the home theater projector market, and is the successor to Panasonic's PT-AE700. ...Read More »
InfoComm -- Good Show Means Great Market By Gary Kayye, CTS InfoComm 2005 was a great show for the ProAV industry and the future of our market. Heres why. ...Read More »
Best of infoComm 2005 By Gary Kayye, CTS Here's Gary Kayye's annual favorite, the Best of infoComm, where he picks out the finest products, demos, parties and much more. ...Read More »
infoComm Special: ProAV Roundup By Gary Kayye, CTS Here's the latest news from the ProAV industry, featuring the most important and innovative products introduced at this year's infoComm convention in Las Vegas. ...Read More »
infoComm 2005 Coming Up! By Gary Kayye, CTS I can't wait! No, I dread flying into Las Vegas for anything, much less a trade show, but I can't wait to get there for the ProAV industry's annual trek into the world of new presentation tools. But, me, I don't go for the show. What? Forget about the exhibits. Don't plan your infoComm experience backwards. ...Read More »
Hitachi CP-X345 Multimedia LCD Projector By Charlie White The price of good projectors continues to plummet, where you can get your hands on a unit that might have cost $5,000 just a few years ago for well under $2000 today. In the category of LCD projectors, Hitachi offers an exceptional LCD model that we reviewed recently here at the Midwest Test Facility. But it was much more expensive than the lower-cost Hitachi CP-X345 Multimedia LCD Projector ($1550 street). We hooked it up to our test equipment and light metering devices, and heres what we saw. ...Read More »
ProAV Roundup By Gary Kayye, CTS For the latest news and product views, here's a roundup of what's new in the ProAV market. In this edition of ProAV Roundup, read about a giveaway from HP, new projectors from Panasonic and Epson, Lightspeed Design Group's and InFocus's co-development of a new 3D projector, and much more. ...Read More »
AV in Schools By Gary Kayye, CTS Recently, I spoke at a local university's technology show and I was amazed at how much AV technology the campus actually had. It was everywhere. Not only were their large screen displays in virtually all the classrooms, meeting rooms and lecture halls, but there were 25 projectors and plasmas in the cafeteria! We've finally hit the big time! But, there's a catch. ...Read More »
ProAV Roundup By Denise Harrison For the latest news and product views, here's a roundup of what's new in the ProAV market. In this edition of ProAV Roundup, read about new projectors from NEC, Epson and Viewsonic, new IP videoconferencing technology and more. ...Read More »
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