Focusing on Creativity and Relationships with Events United and Blackmagic Design Where do musicians turn when they prepare carefully for gigs, only to find their performances ruined by poor production? They take matters into their own hands. That's what Tim Messina did when he founded Events United in Londonderry, NH. Events United is a full-service audiovisual production company specializing in houses of worship, concerts, theaters, corporate events, weddings, and other special events. ...Read More »
Content Insider #474 - New Creators By Miles Weston Video distribution has evolved over the years from a couple of channels to millions of channels. It is almost as though we are rapidly transitioning into a video-only world. With billions of cameraphone users stepping forward to ensure we don't miss a moment of the world around us (especially their awesome lives) the people who make their money distributing the stuff are grabbing as much as they can, as quickly as they can just to fill their "inventory." But when the newness wears off people will again become selective as to how they spend their time and want/view content that real filmmakers know how to capture/develop/deliver - great audio, outstanding video. Folks tastes will improve. They have to! ...Read More »
Content Insider #417 - Daily Filmmakers By Miles Weston Everyone talks about the great filmmakers who make movies - long and short - and they go nuts over the folks why make their videos for you to enjoy on YouTube, Yahoo, AOL, you name it. And everyone does a lot of research on how big the market is...and growing. But no one really puts a trade show on or sells research on the folks who do real filmmaking every day for digital signage, houses of worship, healthcare, company informational content. But they're filmmakers like the rest who hone their talents to educate, inform and sell you ideas and stuff. They count too! ...Read More »
Protecting Content By Larry O Connor Let's face it people are uncomfortable with change even though it seems we have to make changes every day. It's even worse when you've got some of the greatest content you ever shot/created stored on devices spread around the office. So what do you do to ensure it's protected, available, safe from prying eyes? You decide to move to 20, 36, more TB of RAID (random array of independent drives) storage. First choice is hardware RAID because it's been around for a long time but now there's a strong option - software RAID - and it's time to understand the pros/cons of each. ...Read More »
Content Insider #334 - Fast, Furious, 4K By Miles Weston You can't help but love 4K video content it is beautiful after all but I like it for another reason...a business reason. Shooting 4K content takes talent. Handling the delicate post production work takes as much if not more talent. All of it - from beginning to end - takes storage, lots and lots of storage. The people who do all of this work on your entertainment are perfectionists and moved almost to paranoia to save every pixel, every byte. Nothing is discarded because there may come a time when they need that scene, that frame. And 4K requires four times the amount of it!!! ...Read More »
Preserving Groningen's History through Film Cultural heritage is a community's legacy. Something we live with today, and what society will eventually pass on to future generations. Acting as custodians of the past, archive centers around the world are tasked with not only storing content, but also making it accessible. Groningen Audio Visueel Archief (GAVA) is one such facility in the Netherlands responsible for looking after more than 24,000 audiovisual items relating to the region of Groningen, which are kept on formats varying from nitrate film base to digibeta. Founded in 1992 as the second regional AV archive in the Netherlands, GAVA specializes in cataloging and preserving sound and video programs about the province of Groningen, as well as productions created by residents from Groningen. In addition to acting as a repository, the center is also tasked with making all of its archived footage available to broadcasters, artists, museum organizations and businesses online. ...Read More »
Signage Everywhere By Jeff Hastings, CEO Bright Sign Don't look now but there's a digital sign/message beckoning you to take a look, get involved, stick around just a little bit longer. The dynamic growth and diversity of applications will only expand as people in the industry explore new options, new ideas for the forward looking organization - retailer, entertainment venue, educational/business organization, worship facility -- are seeing how information, entertainment, engagement are getting and keeping people involved with the digital signage owner. ...Read More »
City 3D brings high end Stereo3D to Mexico with Pablo Leading Mexico Stereo3D production and post facility City 3D has upgraded its Pablo system to 4K and Stereo3D. The move establishes City 3D as the only 2K S3D house in Mexico - setting the company up for its push into high quality Stereo3D production and post for movies, corporates and large events. ...Read More »
Meet Filmmaker Shawn Ahmed Working with YouTube, Ahmed's films have been viewed over 2.6 million times, raising money for an array of endeavors that have resulted in building a clean water system for an entire village of over 50 families; rebuilding a school serving over 100 students; providing emergency disaster relief to over 80 families, and helping the charity Save the Children's community health worker program that will ultimately aide over 10,000 children against major childhood fatal illnesses. ...Read More »
KSHB UPGRADES ENG WITH JVC GY-HM790U PROHD CAMERAS JVC Professional Products Company announced that KSHB, the NBC affiliate for Kansas City, Mo. (DMA #31), has purchased 21 GY-HM790U ProHD camcorders. Most of the new cameras are being used for ENG, but one is located in the newsroom for breaking news reports and another is mounted on a jib in the news studio. ...Read More »
DREWRY COMMUNICATIONS GROUP STATIONS STANDARDIZE ON JVC PROHD CAMERAS FOR ENG JVC Professional Products Company announced that Lawton, Okla.-based Drewry Communications Group has standardized on JVC ProHD cameras for electronic newsgathering (ENG) for all five of its television stations. On Feb. 23, KFDA-TV, the Drewry CBS affiliate serving Amarillo, Texas (DMA #131), was the first station in the group to launch its local newscast in HD. Brent McClure, KFDA general manager, said the station is using seven GY-HM790U cameras in the field for local news and sports coverage. ...Read More »
Storyfarm uses G-Technology G-SPEED eS PRO to Cut Latest Doc Projects By Dean Mermell Video editors working in high definition (HD) face increasing technical challenges on a daily basis. Their tools need to be sharp, fast and function well under deadline. The sheer size of video files that have to get pushed through today's postproduction workflows can slow a system down to a level where the creative process just isn't fun anymore. ...Read More »
Content Insider #136: Social Media Spying By Miles Weston It's so nice. Everyone uses today's social media to connect with people just everywhere, anytime/all the time. No matter what you read, what you watch, what you listen to social media is where it's at. True. . . all the good guys, all the bad guys, all the guys in black suits and sunglasses are there looking around to see if someone has an invitation to the President's dinner party they aren't using. It's a great tool. A great way to stay in touch with...THEM!!!!! ...Read More »
Content Insider #136: Social Media Spying By Miles Weston It's so nice. Everyone uses today's social media to connect with people just everywhere, anytime/all the time. No matter what you read, what you watch, what you listen to social media is where it's at. True. . . all the good guys, all the bad guys, all the guys in black suits and sunglasses are there looking around to see if someone has an invitation to the President's dinner party they aren't using. It's a great tool. A great way to stay in touch with...THEM!!!!! ...Read More »
Blackmagic Designs' Studio Videohub Studio Videohub is the latest edition to Blackmagic Designs multi-award winning routing switcher family. Sitting in a compact 2 rack units, the Studio Videohub is a powerful 16 x 32 SD / HD-SDI / 3G SDI routing switcher created with the small post production workgroup in mind. ...Read More »
Profile: Living Black produced and presented by Karla Grant, SBS Television Australia By David Hague In 2009 Karla Grant is in her 7th year as Presenter and Executive Producer of Living Black, SBS TV's prime-time national Indigenous current affairs program. Karla was appointed Executive Producer of SBS's Indigenous Media Unit in 2002 and from there, developed the concept for Living Black which first aired in February 2003. ...Read More »
Cover your back end: Be prepared for a response to your marketing campaigns By Tony van Veen Let me start by setting the record straight: This article is not about making excuses, making sure you don't get caught, or deflecting blame if something you planned goes wrong. In short, it's not about covering your rear end. What Im talking about instead is making sure your business is prepared to properly execute the back end of your next marketing campaign ? when prospects and customers actually start responding to your marketing efforts. ...Read More »
Keeping the 'Old School' happy By Mike Jones All creative technologies are inherently cultural. Designed to serve the conjoined bastard twins of 'creative process' and 'industry', technology systems (in particular software) invariably have their development conformed to cultural demands as much, if not more so, than technical ones. ...Read More »
Videografix: Creating corporate and industrial video By John Virata Steve Young co-founded his video production facility, Videografix, back in 1989 when Avid was king and Internet video didn't exist. Video editing tools were very expensive, and required lots of horsepower to run. Today, his company has been creating corporate and industrial video as well as video for live events, but he hasn't invested in professional level editing systems. Rather, he has standardized on Pinnacle Systems' Studio application, working with it since version 8. ...Read More »
What's new in Final Cut Pro 6: New Video Effects Filters Part 2 By Diana Weynand As we discussed in Part 1 of new Video Effects Support in Final Cut Pro 6, Motion`s effects are created using Apple`s FxPlug architecture while FC`s effects use FxScript plugins. You can tell which effects are being shared with Motion by looking at the Effect Class column in the Effects tab in the Browser window. ...Read More »
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